A Deep, Feature-Rich Solution

Legacy telephone systems no longer keep up with the modern, mobile workforce

Because businesses today need to support remote and on-premise employees, physical as well as virtual conferencing and so much more, they demand a powerful, flexible telecom service that can scale along with them.

From a full suite of call management tools, to our powerful mobile app, to business SMS, to audio and web conferencing and beyond, Cynexlink VoIP offers a comprehensive set of Class 5 call center features. And because we constantly improve our cloud-hosted solution, companies can be sure their phone system will be cutting edge not just today, but well into the future.

Think the service provided by the familiar-named carriers will be more reliable? Think again! Cynexlink VoIP provides 99.99% uptime. How? Ours is a geographically redundant platform hosted at premium INAP sites across the country. With seamless failover using active-active servers, our network architecture guarantees the highest levels of reliability and performance.

This is where we really have the other guys beat. With us, you won’t have to email some ‘support@...’ address and cross your fingers hoping you’ll hear back within 48 hours. Our technicians are real, live experts based here in Southern California. We support your team with setup, training and ongoing service – freeing your employees to focus on your core business.

With our cloud-hosted phone system, there are no up-front capital expenses nor ongoing costs of maintenance. And because we provide only one robust level of service in addition to our full call center suite, clients can customize their solution by choosing from an a la carte list of additional functions. Don’t get pushed into a much higher price tier somewhere else just to get the one or two extra features you actually want!

Hard to believe our little service can be as robust as some of the other providers you’ve heard of? We’ll prove it! Contact us to learn how you can test-drive Cynexlink VoIP.


Network Expertise Matters

The “big guys” cannot match our value proposition

Devices on your network – laptops, printers, servers, etc. – are called “endpoints.” Well, your phone is no longer just a phone, it’s also an endpoint. Why not entrust your most vital business system to network experts who know how to set up, monitor, secure and optimize endpoints of all kinds?

Don’t subscribe to an expensive, big-brand VoIP service and get stuck configuring and managing the system on your own! Try Cynexlink VoIP, our Class-5 communications platform that provides hosted PBX, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), hosted call center, virtual fax, web conferencing and so much more… and get the expert-level service and support to match.

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