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Are your employees your weakest security link?

EMAILS It’s unfortunate but true: because over 90% of malware arrives via email, a company’s own employees are unwittingly its weakest link in terms of network security.

Fortunately, Cynexlink Email Essentials is a cost-effective way to secure the human attack vector.


Email scams continue to evolve, becoming more and more tricky for employees to spot consistently:

Any attack by which fraudsters impersonate a legitimate company and attempt to steal people’s personal information or login credentials.

If scammers can steal a CEO's credentials, an email seemingly addressed from the boss is falsely created to exploit the trust of employees. The imposter email urgently instructs the target to wire funds or share confidential information with the scammer.

Fraudsters often customize their attack emails with a target's name, position, company, work phone number or other information in an attempt to trick the recipient into taking an action requested by a seemingly known contact.

Cynexlink Email Essentials simulates attacks like the ones above. Employees who fall short will receive an immediate link to a training course while workers who don’t fall for the scam are reminded to constantly remain on guard.

Additionally, employers can choose to have training courses sent to all employees periodically, reminding them of good password practices, social media safety, a clean desk policy and more.

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