Technology that works...

The core of our business is serving small and mid-sized companies throughout California. We help them create secure networks, keep their devices running, choose the right cloud services to fit their business needs and to remain in compliance with ever-changing regulations.

Cynexlink believe in technology that works

That said, we’ve worked with some of the big guys, too. Below are
a few examples:

For over 50 years, Sukut Construction has been a leading civil engineering and earthmoving firm involved in underground utilities, alternative energy, flood control, excavation, land remediation, landfill maintenance, resorts development, transportation, water infrastructure and more.

With round-the-clock operations throughout North America, Sukut turned to Cynexlink to build and manage a network it could trust. you can do business

Accounting, software, energy, legal, construction, financial services… our clients cover a wide array of industries because underneath, they share a common need: take away our tech-related headaches so we can focus on our core business!

We can hand you that technology aspirin, as well. Contact us to find out how!