Cloud Services

There are so many cloud applications to consider – but how do you know what is right for you? Our experienced cloud consultants take the time to understand your needs first before recommending the best course of action – whether to bring parts or all of your office operations to the cloud, seamlessly.

Whether you want to move your email to Office 365, IT infrastructure, or entire business operations to the cloud, we have the right mix of technical expertise and experience to make your migration successful.

Cloud Services

Businesses today require a secure and reliable solution for dealing with ever-increasing amounts of data. They want to increase efficiency, cut costs and drive growth while utilizing their limited IT resources to the fullest. Cynexlink can help you migrate from on-premise to the hosting data center and can manage and monitor all your devices while they are hosted offsite.

A hybrid cloud exists when a company uses a mix of cloud and on-premise infrastructure to support its operations. Despite the recent explosion in cloud hosting, larger enterprises are finding a hybrid cloud solution, when done right, can dramatically decrease latency while often lowering cost, as well. We can help you determine if a hybrid cloud fits your organization.

Why might your business need a cloud firewall? Because the network perimeter has changed. No longer is it good enough for most companies to maintain only an on-premise device that checks everyone’s “ID” after they’ve entered the nightclub. Today, companies can extend the perimeter beyond their own network and can even protect remote employees or those who are traveling.

Small companies often choose to move their day-to-day software to the cloud, providing access from any device and allowing team members to share data and documents in a modern way. Larger organizations need cloud storage, analytics, intelligence and more. We can help you wade through the many choices to find the solutions that best fit your business.

Creating an off-site plan for managing and restoring data, services or applications can be a cost-effective solution for some businesses. But which companies duplicate your data for speed and encrypt it for protection? Which solutions provide an interface that’s intuitive, one that actually saves you time vs. a physical backup plan? Cynexlink can provide the answers.

Cloud Vendor Selection & Consulting

HRIS, CRM systems, payment gateways, VoIP solutions, customer service platforms, payroll providers – selecting the right cloud systems to meet your business needs can be a dizzying nightmare.

Which systems truly offer the features you need? Which solutions are most cost-effective and reliable? Which ones integrate well with one another?

Without understanding all these things about your SaaS providers, data can become hard to find, policies and procedures difficult to maintain and communications between internal teams broken. Growth is hampered as a result.

Use our experience to select the right cloud vendors and avoid the pitfalls.