Our Process

Our state-of-the-art Security Center performs 24-hour on-site threat monitoring, scanning, notification, and mitigation. Our program supplements your existing IT department at a fraction of the cost of employing an entire security department.

You can rest easy knowing your data is secure with 24/7 protection.

Our most valuable and unique service is the one-on-one consultation in which you learn about the latest security threats and what options are available to secure your network, servers, and workstations. We will discuss your system’s vulnerabilities and create a customized security plan to effectively circumvent hackers, minimizing your exposure to malware and malicious intruders.

Assess & Advise

We perform a diagnostic examination of your network then advise on what options are available to defend against security threats.

Monitor & Alert

Once your plan is selected, 24/7 monitoring is implemented. If a threat is detected, you have the option to either be notified or have our team of specialists handle it for you.

Incident Response

If a hacker breaches your network, we diagnose the source and advise on next steps.

Network Penetration Testing

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Our IT security service regularly performs internal and external penetration testing while compiling lists of the most current vulnerabilities within your network and systems. You can optionally select to have our specialists work with your IT team or have us perform remediation for you.


Our network penetration tests utilize the globally accepted, industry standard Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) as its foundation, then leverages this technology to provide cutting-edge testing for the most comprehensive results.

Methodlogy - Cybersecurity
network penetration testing service


Our network penetration testing service utilizes a comprehensive, risk-based approach to manually identify critical network-centric vulnerabilities that exist on all in-scope networks, systems and hosts.

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Increase Productivity

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Vulnerability Analysis





Vulnerability Scanning

What is Vulnerability Scanning?

We utilize diagnostic tools that monitor and prevent social engineering threats. We detect whether your executives are victims of social media impersonation; and determine if hackers are using your domain name to hack into employee email. We monitor your network for behavioral anomalies and notify you to mitigate those risks.

Identifying Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanners search your network for laptops, desktops, virtual and physical servers, databases, firewalls, switches, printers, and anything else that might be running on the network. Once identified, their systems are examined to determine unique characteristics like operating systems, open ports, software, users, file structures, and system configurations. The compiled data is then compared to a database of publicly known vulnerabilities to evaluate your system’s risks.

Identifying Vulnerabilities
Evaluating Vulnerabilities

Evaluating Vulnerabilities

Once identified, vulnerabilities are evaluated and processed according to the established risk management plan. Using universally accepted rating systems like the Common Vulnerabilty Scoring System (CVSS), vulnerabilities are given risk scores to aid in determining priority. However, some risks can be outside the parameters of commonly-used rating systems.

Treating Vulnerabilities

Our Security Services Vulnerability Management Plan predetermines recommended vulnerability remediation solutions. On occasion when predetermined solutions do not represent the most effective repair, our team will collaborate with the organization’s owners, security team, and system administrators to establish a course of action. Because of the vast variety of possible vulnerabilities, solutions can be as simple as using widely-distributed software patches, or replacing all the physical servers operating within a network.

Reporting Vulnerabilities

Reporting Vulnerabilities

Over time, by consistently performing vulnerability assessments, organizations can evaluate the speed and effectiveness of their vulnerability management programs. Our vulnerability management solution system offers customizable visual vulnerability scan reporting and exports, managed within customizable dashboards. These customizations enable IT teams to streamline processes, making it easier and faster to identify threats and implement remediation; Vulnerability trends can be more easily tracked, and compliance with regulatory requirements is simplified.

End-User Education Programs


Our IT security service regularly performs internal and external penetration testing while compiling lists of the most current vulnerabilities within your network and systems. You can optionally select to have our specialists work with your IT team or have us perform remediation for you.

Compliance & Reporting


We Keep Your Business in Compliance

Certain regulated businesses like financial, healthcare, or governmental agencies are required to document and report the methods by which client and customer data is obtained and stored securely. Failing to do so can translate into fines and reputational risk for your organization. We can fulfill governmental reporting requirements for you and relieve your staff from the burden of complicated and timely reporting.

We Handle Reporting Requirements

To satisfy governmental compliance, multiple IT security products must be implemented and monitored. Data from multiple IT systems must be compiled into one view or a set of reports so managers and auditors can verify the effectiveness of the IT security controls. We can assist in creating and maintaining reports that meet even the most stringent requirements of the newest widely-adopted standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, among others.

Reporting Vulnerabilities

Locations We Serve

Cynexlink offers sophisticated cybersecurity services in Los AngelesSan DiegoOrange County and other parts of Southern California. Our cutting-edge security center conducts 24 hours of on-site threat monitoring, scanning, mitigation, and notification to protect your data. We will discuss your system’s vulnerabilities and build a customized security plan to safeguard your data. This makes us one of the most efficient and reliable cybersecurity consultants in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and throughout California. Our cybersecurity process works in three steps: Consultation and Diagnostic—Monitoring and Alert—and Incident Response. Choose us as your Cybersecurity partner and rest assured you are in safe hands.

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