Cloud Computing Solutions

cloud computing solutions

The aim of our Cloud Computing solutions or services is to help IT businesses to build dynamic IT capabilities (in terms of hardware, software, or services).

Cloud computing is a model of computing, all the applications, networks, servers and other elements related to data centers are made available to end users and IT via the Internet. This kind of computing model allow IT or end user to buy only the amount and type of computing services they need.

The crucial feature that differentiate cloud model and traditional outsourcers is that customers don’t hand over their own IT resources to be managed by the service providers. Instead customer plug into the “cloud” for software services (such as SaaS apps), infrastructure services, platform services (operating system), or treating the “cloud” much as they would an internal data center or computer providing the same functions.

Cloud computing solutions alleviates the need of on-premise hardware and maintaining the warranty of costly hardware. Our solution is resilient while providing high availability and scalability.

Our cloud computing solutions can help you right size the development and operation of your customized application specifically for your business, which also controls cost overruns and waste.

Cynexlink with its efficient cloud computing solutions can help you migrate your own on-premise infrastructure into new generation clouds. Also, we can help you achieve high availability and resilience.

Why Cloud Computing solutions are required?

Today’s software, hardware and networks are more flexible, cheaper and more accepting of anything a user or IT team wants to do. The Cloud Computing solutions helps to reduce the waiting time it takes to add extra storage or computing power to accommodate a changes or upgrades. Without Cloud computing solutions if traditional system are adopted it will make users wait days or weeks for any changes or reports.


Cloud Hosting

Businesses today require a secure and reliable solution for dealing with advanced technology and increasing amounts of data. They want to increase efficiency, cut costs and drive growth while utilizing their often limited IT resources to the fullest capacity.

Cloud hosting provides carrier neutral connectivity, rigorous critical systems infrastructure and multi-tier security.

Cynexlink helps you to migrate your mission critical devices from on-premise to the hosting data center and Also, we can manage and monitor all your devices while they are hosted offsite with our best cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Networking

cloud networking solutions

Cloud networking is a vital segment of cloud computing services and represents a fundamental shift in how IT services are provided to users.

Cloud networking introduces a new way to deploy, operate, and manage distributed enterprise networks. It delivers enterprise-class network capabilities via a cloud infrastructure that requires little or no capital investment in additional hardware appliances or IT resources. Unlike traditional hardware-based legacy solutions, cloud networking automates highly complex tasks to make them extremely simple, enabling enterprises to deploy locations in minutes and operate distributed networks with services delivered via a cloud infrastructure, while providing unprecedented levels of centralized control and network visibility. Cloud computing services are usually subscription-based as well, reducing any upfront capital costs.

Cynexlink helps their clients by designing, configuring, optimizing, managing and 24/7 monitoring cloud networking that fits their business needs with best cloud computing solutions.


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