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Benefits of Managed IT services

How Managed IT Services Benefit Your Small Business


Managed IT services let businesses to outsource their IT operations to a third party vendor being specialized in managing such responsibilities. It is a service model in which IT operations are outsourced to a third-party vendor who maintains and manages functions like running apps, data recovery, databases, security, and storage. It helps small businesses to focus on their core competencies and reduce unexpected costs as well.

Today’s technology has helped the organization achieve its goals.

Retailers rely on beacons to personalize their marketing messages. Hospitals utilize certain tools to track their patients and understand their experiences. Schools use learning software to keep students engaged while hotels use apps to streamline check-ins.

While new technologies have empowered organizations, they also pose several challenges. The unprecedented pace of changes in IT has obsoleted the trend of “relying on a few computers and apps”.

The boom of mobile devices and cloud technologies has created the jumble of devices, apps, and platforms, making it challenging for IT departments to manage and secure their resources.

It simply means that organizations need to invest in sophisticated technology and more skilled staff.

What about small businesses?

They are less likely to afford the cost of hiring, purchasing new equipment and keeping systems up to date and protected.

Enter managed IT services.

Here we have rounded up such benefits of managed IT support for your business.

Helping You Save Money and Time:

Running a small business is not easy, especially when it comes to day to day IT operations. They need more staff and equipment to stay competitive. And it takes the most of their budget.

Sadly, not all small businesses can afford to spend a huge part of their capital on their IT operations.

Time and Money

This is where managed IT support comes in.

Opting for a managed IT service provider can help you save money and time. It minimizes the need for hiring staff or making costly hardware purchases. An MSP provider will take care of your IT operations at the fraction of the cost coming on your IT personal’s salaries and equipment purchase.

This way, managed IT services help you maximize profitability and productivity.

Ensuring Maximum Uptime:

From that palm-sized mouse to those big servers, every single IT device is important in your business operation.

If a breakdown happens in your IT ecosystem, it leads to downtime which in turn affects your critical functions. With managed IT provider, you can focus on the core competencies of your business. An MSP vendor will fix your IT issues and keep your network up and running.

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Keeping Security Concerns at Bay:

Another benefit of working with a managed IT, vendor!

Most managed IT services also provide cybersecurity. For example, they check your network for vulnerability and fix it before it can lead to a big problem. They can also limit access to the application to authorized personals only. Moreover, your devices will be tracked across your organization.

Tailoring to Your Needs:

Right vendors tailor managed IT solutions to your needs, helping you scale up or down your requirements as you grow.

For example, you can choose the important tools or services which matter the most to your business skipping the add-ons or extras.

Being Affordable:

Managed IT services are typically affordable and available according to your budget. They are based on a pay per use model, meaning you pay for them as long as you are utilizing them. In other words, you get the services on rent. You are not required to sign a contract or agreement. You can pay monthly or annually depending on your payment schedule.

Ensuring Data Backup and Recovery:

Data protection is important for all businesses, no matter if you are a retail store or an accounting firm.

From your customer info, accounts, employee record and trade secret, data is one of the most important business assets.

Imagine what would happen if you lose it due to accidental deletion, breakdown, cybercrime or power outage.

Managed IT services also come with a comprehensive data recovery strategy. Most vendors automatically record your data in the form of server backup, regular audits, and vulnerability metrics. They provide you access to those backups so that you can retrieve your data easily in case you have lost it.


Managed IT services are great for small businesses struggling with little to no IT resources. From software development, data backup and recovery, payroll, network monitoring, and systems management to computer support, managed IT support takes care of your operations so that you can focus on growing your business. Make sure to work with the right and experienced managed service provider.

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3 Important Signs You Need a New Managed IT Services Provider

Businesses are constantly searching for solutions to increase their profits and reduce their costs since every company comes with a limited budget.

This is applied to all the departments of a company, including the IT department. However, for companies that do not have independent IT staff, how can they manage their IT needs? This is when most businesses choose to hire a managed IT services provider.

A managed IT services provider can be the optimal solution to stay ahead of all your IT requirements at the lowest cost.

Your managed IT services provider would be there to reduce downtime during critical IT issues, take care of resolving the problems swiftly and help you leverage your technologies to reach higher goals.

Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. The managed IT services provider you chose to collaborate with may not deliver the results they promised. How can you tell? Here are the main three signs to be aware of:

  1. Your system is going through continuous failures

Of course, all IT systems undergo performance problems. But this can be a concerning sign when your managed IT services provider struggles to promptly find effective solutions and address the issues as they should.

  1. You are confused about their role in your company

One of the most important traits to look for in your IT services provider is transparency. If you noticed this quality is lost and you can’t see the value they bring to your company compared to the costs, it might be time to put an end to the collaboration.

  1. You don’t notice any progress

When your managed IT service provider is delivering value to your business, you will easily see the improvement, either in the way they resolve system issues, the suggestions they make, or the security they guarantee your company.

Your IT needs can cost you a lot. Therefore, it is crucial to hand them to a partner you can fully trust, in order to take your business towards higher levels of achievement.

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The Impact of CyberSecurity Maintenance on Small Businesses

The Impact of CyberSecurity Maintenance on Small Businesses

Cybersecurity attacks can be costly to businesses, no matter their size. With over 40% of these attacks focused on small businesses, keeping your data protection strategies up to date is now essential.

Nowadays, hackers are constantly evolving their scams to try to access your company and employees’ personal data. Thus, any shortcomings in your data security strategy will put your business at major risks of theft of corporate information that can lead you to damaging financial losses and regulatory sanctions.

Not only that, the consequences can take bigger dimensions such as decreasing your sales and losing customers as a result of lack of trust in your data security policy.

For these reasons among others, companies of different sizes must regularly train their employees to overcome the most recent cybersecurity threats and update their policies following effective tactics to keep data protected.

Cybersecurity breaches can take your business backward and stand in your way of achieving your business goals. Therefore, your ultimate solution to maintain your corporate information and customers’ personal data safe is by reaching out to experts in cybersecurity.

At Cynexlink, our Security Center guarantees impeccable data protection around the clock for your company. From identifying to treating the vulnerabilities in your security system, we will help you maintain high levels of security and data protection.

By choosing Cynexlink cybersecurity services, you will finally be able to relax and shift your focus to other important aspects of your business that need improvement.

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The role of It Outsourcing In Businesses

The Role of IT Outsourcing in Businesses

Let’s start by pointing out a major issue startups and medium-sized businesses suffer from today: the absence of a qualified IT team.

Yes, we are aware that not all companies specialize in Information Technology. However, as the digital world continues to witness unceasing innovation, the role of Information Technology is representing a major support function in any business today.

For this reason, we believe that neglecting this aspect of your company can cost you thousands of dollars. ‘So would hiring my own IT team’, you might say. This is when we introduce you to a better and cost-effective solution: IT Outsourcing.

IT outsourcing is a compatible strategy for all business types and sizes. Instead of having their own IT staff, companies are now choosing to outsource their IT needs to experts at reduced costs.

For the most part, IT support is not the company’s specialty, but a support function only. Hence, through IT outsourcing, companies benefit from a competitive advantage by shifting their focus to their core business to set better strategies, rather than being consumed by operational technology issues.

On the other hand, any technical mistake can take bigger dimensions and lead to costly consequences. But luckily, IT outsourcing provides companies with the security their business requires. When hiring a competent IT provider, any business will be safe from data loss and cyber risk.

Moreover, IT outsourcing allows businesses to get flexible services that match their ever-changing demands. If your company’s main business is not directed towards IT services, then the projects you will need would mostly be temporary. Therefore, you will be saving money through temporary charges as well.

To sum up, having your own IT staff is not always a good idea, especially when the company operates in a different field. For this reason, Cynexlink strongly recommends you reach out to us for IT outsourcing as a cost-effective solution for all your IT issues.

Whether you are looking for managed IT services or struggling with your company’s cybersecurity, our experts at Cynexlink will go above and beyond to provide you with the solutions your business needs, at unbeatable prices. Get in touch with us and let us see how we can help you push your business forward more efficiently!

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Hacker Loves it when you use same passsword on multiple accounts

Hackers love it when you use the same password on multiple accounts

We all find it very easy to reuse our passwords on different websites, as it saves us the stress of coming up with a new password every time we need to open an account on another website. Even though it seems easy and stress free; the truth is, when you reuse or recycle passwords, you set yourself or your company up for trouble in the event of a data breach.

There have been so many stories of data breaches and web security pitfalls in recent years. These have affected big companies like Twitter, Last FM, LinkedIn, and Yahoo. The story all unfolds in the same way almost every time; First, hackers access passwords and other user data on these sites, then, the company realizes what has just taken place, so they immediately notify the users to change their passwords.

The Danger

The danger of reusing passwords in an interconnected web is that, if hackers get a hold of your password on one site, they could easily use the information they obtained to log in to your account on another sites. They could continue this cycle until they reach your bank account. This is called a chain breach. Every time you reuse a password on another site, you stand a higher risk of being a victim, a chain breach victim.

It may not be too damaging when you reuse passwords for your personal accounts. At least, you are the only one that will be affected if a data breach occurs. Yet, if a company’s information is involved, it then becomes more complicated. This would involve a lot of people and could potentially cause many difficulties for the organization.

Some Options

So how are we to store our passwords, you may ask? About 38% of people just store the passwords in their memory, to avoid this kind of data compromise. But we all know that even the faintest pencil is better than the sharpest memory. So, the likelihood of you forgetting it is higher this way (especially when you have multiple passwords for different accounts). Approximately 26% of people write it down in a physical notebook. But the problem with this method is, it can get lost and you might not always have the notebook available.

A great deal of companies and individuals resort to using a password manager, to avoid their data being breached. This is a software that helps store passwords for different accounts. However, if the password manager ever gets hacked, this could easily in itself become a one-stop data breach.

These days, many companies are taking steps further by forcing employees to change their passwords regularly; making use of tokens; and even doing away with passwords entirely. The companies do this, to avoid the security pitfalls that many of the big names have gotten into and stay off the pathway of a potential chain breach.

A Solution

Many other top companies who value their data and those of their users take it a step further, by hiring companies like Cynexlink, to provide the best tailored cybersecurity solutions for their company’s information and that of their users.

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New Malware is costly to business running ads

New malware is costly to businesses running ads


Malware has been discovered creating fraudulent statistics on social sites and ad impressions, according to new research from Flashpoint. This false activity can become costly to businesses running paid ads and other marketing initiatives.

The malware delivers a malicious browser extension that performs fraudulent AdSense impressions and generates likes on YouTube videos. It also watches hidden Twitch video livestreams. The browsers affected include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Yandex.


What You Can Do

Invest in a good antivirus software. Ensure all your software programs are updated. Watch for security patches released by your software vendors and apply them as soon as they are available. If you don’t have the time or resources to invest in these activities, get a good managed services provider on board who can do it for you. This is very important as a malware attack can paralyze your business.


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Security Weaknesses & Unsupported Software Leave Businesses Vulnerable

A new report from security platform Alert Logic has found that small-to-midsize (SMB) businesses are highly vulnerable to attacks because of a lack of skilled cybersecurity practices. These weaknesses include issues in encryption, workload configuration, limited visibility and outdated and unsupported operating systems.

Here are noteworthy findings from the Alert Logic report:

  • 66% of small-to-midsize (SMB) businesses rely on versions of Microsoft operating systems which have expired, or will expire by January 2020
  • Over 30% of SMB email servers operate on unsupported software, including Exchange 2000
  • Encryption issues affect 33% of SMBs investigated for the report. “This indicates encryption is not yet an instinctive behavior despite being a best practice and a requirement of many regulations,” states the report
  • 75% of SMBs leave vulnerabilities unpatched

“The continued lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals affects organizations of all sizes, and small and midsize businesses are at greater disadvantage because they can’t scale like large organizations can,” said Onkar Birk, senior vice president of product strategy and engineering at Alert Logic.

“[Vulnerable] organizations will greatly benefit from partnering with providers who can augment their limited teams with threat intelligence and experts to be more secure and compliant. Alert Logic’s research confirms that SMBs would benefit from more cost-conscious security options to take some of the responsibility off their shoulders,” he continued.


What You Can Do:

  • Prepare your business to migrate to operating systems which will remain supported after January 2020
  • Patch any vulnerabilities in your workload configurations
  • Ensure compliance with any relevant regulations and requirements by integrating best practices for encryption

Contact a trusted managed services provider for a consultation or additional information.



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Awareness on Whats app Malfunctioning

WhatsApp Malfunction Leaves Users Susceptible To Snooping

Awareness on IT Security

WhatApp thrilled users in January when they revealed compatibility with Face ID and Touch ID, allowing users to open, and continue utilizing their app, with the recognition of their facial features or a fingerprint. However, a recent malfunction with the new upgrade is leaving accounts requiring no verification at all and indirectly encouraging privacy invasion.

Upon enabling Face ID and Touch ID, WhatsApp users are prompted on whether they’d like their authentication “immediately” or in intervals ranging from one minute to one hour. If the option for intervals is selected, the app will use recognition in the allotted time frame during use to ensure the correct person is still browsing the app. Despite the extra security measure, one Reddit user found a loop hole in the app’s code and is warning others who utilize the feature. It seems that, by selection the option of timed intervals, users are able to close out of the app entirely and reopen it without any verification needed. The only users not affected by this glitch are those that have chosen the “immediate” verification.

Although not a high security risk, it still leaves many susceptible to snooping by others who may have access to their phone. A representative for Facebook said, “We are aware of the issue and a fix will be available shortly. In the meantime, we recommend that people set the screen lock option to ‘immediately’.” 


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Huawei Tech Development blocking in US

China Slams US With Accusations Of Blocking Its Tech Development

Monday was filled with international tension as China publicly accused the US of blocking their technology advancements by alleging that their products may impose a security threat. While attempting to get other countries onboard with the ban, British media seemingly negated the US’ claims, informing that China’s 5G technology can actually limit security risks.

NBC writes, “The U.S. argues that Beijing might use Chinese tech companies to gather intelligence about foreign countries. The Trump administration has been putting pressure on allies to shun networks supplied by Huawei Technologies, threatening the company’s access to markets for next-generation wireless gear.”

Huawei Technologies denies any affiliation with spies while holding their ground and refusing to release confidential information about foreign clients.

Chinese foreign ministry, Geng Shuang, expressed his discontent with the US government attempting to“fabricate an excuse for suppressing the legitimate development”. He continued to address that what the country is doing by incorporating “political means” to affect the economy is “hypocritical, immoral and unfair bullying.”

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Facebook To Merge Messenger, Instagram & Whats App

In efforts to consolidate functions and improve compatibility, Facebook is contemplating the integration of its three platforms– Messenger, Instagram, and Whats App. This merge would allow users to seamlessly send messages between the three entities.

The Guardian credits The New York Times with this newly released information, claiming the execution came from CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself. “[The plans] would involve rewriting the basic software of the three apps to ensure they were interoperable. A WhatsApp user would be able to, for instance, text an Instagram user for the first time without needing to switch applications,” they wrote.

Facebook told The Guardian, “We’re working on making more of our messaging products end-to-end encrypted and considering ways to make it easier to reach friends and family across networks. As you would expect, there is a lot of discussion and debate as we begin the long process of figuring out all the details of how this will work.”

With this innovative concept comes concerned critics who believe this merger is anything but good-willed towards users. Cryptography professor at Johns Hopkins University, Matthew Green, said this adjustment “could be potentially be good or bad for security/privacy”.

“…[G]iven recent history and financial motivations of Facebook, I wouldn’t bet my lunch money on ‘good’. Now is a great time to start moving important conversations off those services,” he urged.

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