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Security Researchers Plot Comical Payback On Tech Scammers

In view of the increase in tech scamming, one of the largest security research companies is suiting up for a night of instant karma. The online community known as The Many Hats has locking in their event on January 22nd and intends to beat scam operators at their own game with a bigger goal in mind than just sheer laughs.

In an interview with ZDNet, Stuart Peck, the community’s founder, touched more on the event and broke down the reasoning behind their efforts.  “Although they are fun and highly entertaining, we want to disrupt the operations, gather as much intel as we can, and then take offline to do some OSINT [open source intelligence] research, and provide this where possible to the relevant agencies,” the he said.

Peck went on to explain that, formerly, their dialogue elicited premium information from an operator, including where he worked and how he was recruited into the scammer community.

Fortunately, there’s an opportunity for users such as yourselves to aid in the mission. Anyone who has experienced scams such as these is encouraged to share the contact information of the agency on the The Many Hats Club twitter page to broaden the efforts and target as many scammers as possible. There will also be a livestream available at this link.

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Microsoft Announces Product Discontinuation; Tells Users To ‘Move On’

After an attempt of breaking into the smart phone industry, Microsoft has revealed that they will be indefinitely separating from their venture and strongly encouraged current users to do the same. Keeping their product suggestions balanced, the company stated, “With the Windows 10 Mobile OS end of support, we recommend that customers move to a supported Android or iOS device. Microsoft’s mission statement to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, compels us to support our Mobile apps on those platforms and devices.” 

Support for their products is said to continue until June 11,2019 while “security updates, non-security hotfixes, free assisted support options, or online technical content updates from Microsoft” will be terminated on December 10, 2019.

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Facebook To Be Slapped With Record-Setting Fine For Privacy Violation

Amidst the legal turmoil that Facebook is currently facing after a massive breach of user privacy, U.S. regulators have convened to pinpoint an appropriate fine that is expected to be of a record-breaking total. The social media platform is in hot water about failing to uphold their legally binding contract made between the corporation and consumers to protect personal information and data.

The sum is expected to surpass Google’s hefty penalty from 2012 after being ordered to pay $22.5 million dollars for their former infraction. According to The Washington Post, “That fine set a record for the greatest penalty for violating an agreement with the FTC to improve its privacy practices.”

It’s hopeful that within the upcoming weeks a finalized decision will be made and the platform will be forced to pay up as a direct cause of their errors.



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Apple Potentially Switching Things Up With Foldable Screen Design

Projected to launch in 2020, Apple is working diligently to craft a foldable iPhone with a concept that could be deemed a game changer in the world of smartphones. Rumor has it that the tech mogul is opting for a continuous screen that reaches beyond the phone’s surface and folds entirely around the edges of the device.

The foldable display has been an in-the-making concept of Apple’s seeing that the corporation received their patent for the future product in 2013.

Samsung snagged the competitive edge when it was understood that they anticipated a 2019 launch for a similar product, beating Apple’s prospective 2020 release and prompting their consumer’s to line up for the upcoming event. “Compared to the wrap-around display phone — which Apple seems to be looking into as one possible design for its foldable model — Casalegno said Samsung’s in-folding display phone could provide better experiences for users in terms of design,” Federico Casalegno, head of Samsung Design Innovation Center, explained to The Korean Herald.

With the year kicking off, users are eager to see what Apple will bring forth.

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Microsoft Reveals Terminated Windows Support Within Year

Adopting the mentality, “Out with the old and in with the new,” Microsoft revealed that, within the year, support for Windows 7 will no longer be available. Gadget360 wrote, “Microsoft’s updated Windows lifecycle fact sheet states that the company will end extended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, which means Microsoft won’t release any more updates and security fixes after that date.”

Giving current Window 7 users only 1 year left to remedy their desktop, the corporation also urged that “[they] will not accept requests for warranty support, design changes, or new features during the extended support phase.” 

Although released in 2009, Windows 7 has remained a preferred system with a notable number of consistent users. While Windows 10 has absorbed a notable percentage of the system’s participants, this news comes with a range of mixed emotions.

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Google Quickly Acts After Search Engine Error

In lieu of the recent scamming attacks on Apple, Google was forced to dig deeper into their site and verify links that, at one point, were enhancing the scammers publicity. By purchasing ad space directly through google while posing as Apple, these individuals were able to gain traffic from unsuspecting users when their misleading link served as the tech companies.

“For instance, the first result in a recent Google search for the phrase ‘Apple tech support’ showed a link to and a toll-free number, with the suggestion: ‘Get instant help from our experts.’ The Journal found that the phone number didn’t belong to Apple and instead led to a call center that engages in tech-support scams,” the Wall Street Journal explained.

Google director David Graff took to their website to promise users, “Today, we’re taking another step. We’ve seen a rise in misleading ad experiences stemming from third-party technical support providers and have decided to begin restricting ads in this category globally.”


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Police Arrest Shocking Number Of Tech Scammers Pretending To Be Affiliated With Major Companies

The police force has utilized these past two months to crack down on international crimes that directly scam unsuspecting tech users with misrepresentation and false spyware issues. New Delhi police officers arrested a whopping “63 suspects in the last two months working and operating 26 call centers that were engaging in tech support scams, posing as tech support staff at Microsoft, Google, Apple, and other major tech companies,” ZD Net reported.

The raids, initiated in October of 2018, targeted over 25 call centers and made numerous arrests. Microsoft disclosed that they had received over 7,000 reports from their users who fell victim to the crimes, paying the scammers a value ranging from $100 to $500.

“This latest raid comes just six weeks after the successful raid operation by the Delhi Cyber Crime Cell of 10 call center locations resulting in the arrest of 24 individuals and the seizure of substantial evidence including call scripts, live chats, voice call recordings and customer records from tech support fraud operations,” Microsoft said in a recent blog post.

While the arrests continue to be current, the scamming complaints date back from as far as 2014.

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Alarming Cyber Scams and How You Can Avoid Them

Cyber security | IT security

As long as there has been internet, there have been incessant scammers that lurk throughout the virtual shadows in search of a PC to attack or a non-suspecting user to rob.  However, these practices can be avoided with a bit of insight and a lot of trust in your IT support.

Cyber scams mask themselves behind a variety of identities, as Italian authorities disclosed a new trick that scammers are utilizing to bypass security measures and cash out on your dime. Whether it be directly after visiting a potentially harmful site or upon being unwillingly redirected to an advertisement, these scammers notify you through your own device that there is a malware issue that requires an immediate remedy. As stated by ZD Net, “There are many groups who operate in this area of cybercrime, but the basic tactic remains the same: the user is told that their PC is infected with malware and it needs to be fixed, or they’re told that their computer has been blocked by law enforcement.

Upon being bombarded for instant payment in order to ward off the infection and “fix” the problem, users are unknowingly handing over their bank account information directly to the scammers themselves.

A profound offense of this crime was seen targeting an Italian demographic, claiming to be the Ministero Della Difesa — the Italian Ministry of Defence – and crediting their aggressive attack  for “display and dissemination of materials prohibited by Italian law”.

Here’s how you, as a consumer, can protect yourself from unlawful attacks such as these. Mentally note that the government will never intervene with your PC and demand money for clearance of any potential wrong doing. However, if you ever feel conflicted about an alleged virus or breach of security, pinpoint a reputable IT team that you can trust for reference and potential assistance.

“While the techniques behind the attacks are getting increasingly complex, users can go a long way to protecting themselves by being careful while using the web — especially when it comes to pop-ups on unfamiliar websites,” says ZD Net.

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CyNexLink’s Remote Monitoring and Management


CyNexLink Blog   •   August 11, 2017


Tens of thousands of customers look to CyNexLink’s remote desktop and network monitoring service to provide comprehensive and unified solutions to their ever-pressing IT infrastructure needs.

For chief information officers or the relevant decision makers – those in charge of ensuring an efficient and comprehensive IT infrastructure is in place for their company – deciding between a sea of managed service providers can be a daunting task.

It is therefore critical that the CIO understand what the remote monitoring and management (RMM) marketplace offers, and what approach to employ in separating quality vendors from bad apples.

For us at CyNexLink, we advise that of the managed service providers who offer RMM services, your company choose only the one’s which meet:

  • High speed and within-the-hour response times for any and all end user problems
  • Advanced security protocols during remote troubleshooting sessions
  • Off-hours automated monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting and tracking of usage, connection speed, unification, and more

CyNexLink’s own tenured remote monitoring system comes equipped with layered network security and powerful platform and device integration. We integrate with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS systems, while also offering downloadable Apple and Android applications for smartphone and tablet usage.

Whether your company’s IT infrastructure operates in-house or on the cloud, CyNexLink’s RMM can provide the advanced data-analysis, security, and troubleshooting you need.

More importantly, CyNexLink’s remote monitoring and management system is powered by our artificial intelligence engine which produces advanced multi-layered analytics for purposes of tracking insights and trends. Learn more about our data analytics and artificial intelligence suite.

CyNexLink’s RMM keeps track of every device and platform on your network – including routers, printers, tablets, and much more. Our system runs checks on virtual machines without your being aware for purposes of optimal functionality, while alerting you of any performance or security issues which may arise.

All from the ease of one unified touch point, the end user can keep devices categorized by hostnames, MAC and IP addresses. As a corollary security measure, our administrators recommend granting CyNexLink’s RMM authority to set strict access protocols for personal devices. Known within the industry as Shadow IT, the potential damage to sensitive company information, data, and hardware which can result from indiscriminate use of personal devices is terrifyingly real.

Lastly, with respect to security from within (malware, spam, botnets) and from without (hackers, cybercriminals) your IT infrastructure, CyNexLink’s RMM offers built-in safeguards which prevent and protect your systems, and which meet enterprise standards.

For all of these reasons and much more, find out why thousands of users feel comfortable and secure using CyNexLink’s AI-powered remote monitoring and management system.

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CyNexLink Ensures Customer Peace of Mind


CyNexLink Blog   •   August 10, 2017


CyNexLink values speed, efficiency, and customer peace of mind. That is why we have partnered with best-in-class service desk software Autotask to resolve technology issues with breathtaking ease and speed.

No longer will your service ticket or email request for conflict resolution slip through the internet cracks. Our helpdesk system automates requests for resolution in a systematic fashion, ranking problems by their relevant priority, and articulating the necessary technical parameters needed for efficient execution.

CyNexLink has partnered with a service desk software which continues to add strategic ancillary products to complete its vision of being an unparalleled unified service system.

Boasting end-to-end prowess beginning from the conflict stage, moving through the troubleshooting phase, and ending in the summary receipt phase.

Autotask is unified at the device, data, invoice, and reporting levels.

Customer tickets are catalogued and prioritized according to need, and troubleshooting is carefully monitored at every level. CyNexLink employs a system which centralizes information, tracks resolution workflow, and detects infrastructure trends for purposes of improvement.

More importantly still, our systems are capable of self-correcting many of the technological problems your business may run into – remotely! Meaning customers will be unaware of multiple significant repairs and resolutions happening to their network and software systems. Our system automatically receives, tracks, logs, and executes on problems which arise in customer networks.

CyNexLink can and will send complimentary status reports to our customers on what has been repaired surreptitiously.

Consider some of the key reasons why your company or enterprise would benefit from the CyNexLink service desk system:

Streamlined Efficiency

The responder or consulter at your company can submit issues easily, without needing to navigate a complex web of encyclopedic questions. Our automated system gets rid of many things which previous required manual input. On our end, our IT technicians receive the automated request with tailored relevancy, meaning your ticket will never end up in the email bulk of a distant administrator, but will instead go directly to the technician best suited to handle the issue.

Unified Open-Close System

Our service desk portal offers a single, unified point of service – where the customer can track downtime, complexity, variability, and much more. Everything is transparent and catalogued for easy customer user-ability.

Analysis and Tracking

One of our most laudable features. Since all receipts and interactions are automatically recorded, both the customer and CyNexLink can track the time spent resolving tickets, discover trends within the customer’s technology infrastructure, better establish expectations, and much more.

Customers should not have to spend time micromanaging tickets or manually tracking performances, CyNexLink ensures advanced efficiency and peace of mind.


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